2022 Annual Report

TSM’s key achievement for 2022 was recycling 18,666 tonnes of end-of-life tires and tubes into tire-derived aggregate, crumb rubber, blast mats, moulded and other products.  Virtually all end-of-life tires and tubes available for recycling, 13.14 kilograms of material for every Manitoban, continue to be collected and recycled annually in the province for a diversion rate of 83%.

Other notable achievements for 2022 include:

  • Awarding three scholarships of $3,000 each to deserving students studying environmental sciences at a Manitoba university.
  • $78,334 awarded for 11 Community Demonstration and Innovation Grants that used recycled tire products made from Manitoba end-of-life tires in community and applied research projects.
  • Over 60 full-time tire recycling jobs and over $9 million in direct economic activity.
  • Over 1.8 million impressions in 2022 through TSM’s online engagement, digital marketing, and consumer survey.
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