Community Policies and Procedures

Tire Stewardship Manitoba (TSM) is a not-for-profit association formed as a stewardship agency to represent the tire retailers of Manitoba. TSM has had its tire product stewardship program (the Plan), approved by Manitoba Conservation in accordance with The Tire Stewardship Regulation 2006.

Community Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Community Registration

The Community/Landfill will complete and send in a Community Registration Application to TSM.

All registered communities will be issued a Certificate of Registration that will specify a unique registration number to be used on all transactions with TSM.

Registered communities are bound to all applicable TSM program policies and procedures (Rules) that are in place and to be set out by TSM in the future.

The community would surrender its TSM Certificate of Registration to TSM if the Applicant’s registration is cancelled or suspended.

  • TSM may cancel or suspend the community registration if the community;
    a) Does not comply with the Plan or the Rules;
    b) Fails to keep the required Records

Community Scrap Tire Collection

Accept all Manitoba generated scrap tires at no charge:

  • For the general public verify that they are a Manitoba resident.
  • For retailers verify their TSM registration number.
  • For generators verify TSM registration number.

Ensure proper storage of scrap tires (see Guideline for the Storage of Scrap Tires, & Guideline for the Scrap Tire Storage Picture Examples):

  • Separate the piles of small to medium sized tires from the large (OTR) tires.
  • Have the tires clean and off the rims.
  • Stack tires in rows preferably.
  • Make scrap tires easily and readily accessible defined as the tires being stored in a location that is free and clear of any obstructions and / or debris and allows the tires to be directly loaded onto the hauler’s truck.
  • Arrange the tires in such a way that there is enough room for a pickup truck and trailer to park next to the tire pile.
  • Have the tires stored on solid foundation in an all weather area, to ensure a truck and trailer can pick up tires even when it rains, and the truck does not sink in the mud.

Community Records

Keep records of all scrap tire collections:

  • Record all scrap tires accepted, stored and collected.
  • You will have the right to refuse Non-Manitoba generated scrap tires.
  • If you choose to collect Non-Manitoba generated scrap tires:
    • Keep records of them:
      o These tires will not receive TSM financial support.
      o You will become responsible for these tires and may charge a disposal fee to pay for the responsibilities of handling these tires.

Scrap Tire Removal Service Scheduling

Contact either Reliable Tire Recycling (204) 774-0725/toll free (877) 900-0724 for scheduling removal service of all small/regular/medium sized scrap tires as well as all OTR (large scrap tires):

  • Provide an accurate count on the number of scrap tires.
  • Generally you must have a minimum of 1 semi load (1000) of small/regular/medium sized scrap tires or 1 year must have passed since the last collection,


  • for scrap OTR’s a minimum of 1 semi load (250) or 1 year must have passed since the last collection.
    • Note: Some landfills may require more frequent collections due to their size and ability to manage the tires; however, it will be up to the collector’s discretion.

Concerns Regarding Collection

  • Contact TSM and notify us of the situation.
    • Your contact information and concerns will be reported and communicated to the TSM board members.

Financial Incentive

Receiving financial assistance:

  • An annual community scrap tire collection eligible payout report will be provided by TSM indicating each collection posted date and the number of tires collected within the identified parameters (i.e. January – December) calculating the applicable total eligible payout (e.g. 1,000 scrap tires X $0.50 per tire collected = $500 payout) using the registrants account collection receipt data on record.
  •  The community scrap tire collection eligible payout report and related cheque payment will be mailed to the registrant by February 15th for the previous year period covering January 1 – December 31.
  • In the case of a dispute on the records and eligible payout amount, registrants can request an adjustment to the payout by providing TSM copies of the collection receipts issued by the collector to validate the adjustment before March 31st..

Where to get more information

Tire Stewardship Manitoba
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Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  R3H 1A9

Tel: 204-661-3242 • Toll Free: 866-724-5002
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