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Community Demonstration and Innovations Grant Program – Update

TSM has reached our Community Demonstration and Innovations Grant Program allotted budget for 2017 and is no longer accepting applications for this year.

2017–2021 Program Plan Consultation

The 2017-2021 program plan consultation period is now closed. Thank you for responding!

We will be posting the new 2017 – 2021 program plan on May 1st, 2016 along with all stakeholder comments.

TSM has launched a new page for Schools

Welcome students and educators to TSM For Schools new page!

View the TSM for Schools Newsletter (PDF)

TSM Announces Program Plan Consultation

Dated: Nov. 15, 2010

TSM is requesting all Manitobans to review  the DRAFTED TIRE STEWARDSHIP MANITOBA 2012-2016 PROGRAM PLAN and provide us with your valuable input toward the development of the program plan (EMAIL COMMENTS). TSM must receive all comments before March 1, 2011 in order to allow time for making changes, should any amendments to the current draft plan be required. After receiving all stakeholders valuable input and making any required changes to the program plan, TSM will submit the plan by May 1, 2011 to the Minister of Conservation for approval.

2010 Eco Calendar

TSM teamed up with several sponsors in creating and distributing the 2010 Eco Calendar: Your Guide to Greener Living. The 2010 ECO Calendar includes striking pictures of Manitoba that depict the different seasons with useful eco tips that provide guidance to Manitoba families throughout the year. TSM continues to work with government and Manitoba corporations committed to sustainability to promote greater environmental awareness.

Summer Student Research Studies

TSM provided two university students with a summer employment opportunity conducting a pair of important research studies. The Agricultural Scrap Tire Study was conducted to understand the life span of a typical rear agricultural drive tire. There were 949 OTR tire sidewalls that were documented at processors’ yards from which the tire code information obtained provided a significant sample size of 559 large rear agricultural tires. Continue reading ‘Summer Student Research Studies’

City of Winnipeg Rubber Asphalt Project

The City of Winnipeg expanded its testing of rubber asphalt material to pave an 800 metre stretch of Portage Avenue in 2009. This follows the laying of a 300 metre rubber asphalt pedestrian-bicycle path along Bishop Grandin Blvd. in 2008.

Continue reading ‘City of Winnipeg Rubber Asphalt Project’

Special Municipal Landfill Clean-up

Municipal landfills receive a 50-cent per tire incentive to manage scrap tires appropriately. There remain some logistical challenges to ensuring consistent enforcement of scrap tire management requirements. Continue reading ‘Special Municipal Landfill Clean-up’

Extending Tire Life

Recycling tires at their end-of-life is important but lengthening life so that fewer are used is essential. Tire manufacturers are making progress. Since 1981 the average tire life has gone up over 50 percent. Also, average tire rolling resistance has reduced by more than 25 percent, simply by making the tires lighter and stronger. Continue reading ‘Extending Tire Life’