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TIRE-DERIVED FUEL (TDF) prepared for CATRA by Kelvin Igwe of TSM

Over a billion end-of-life tires (ELTs) are generated annually, worldwide. In 2018, 487,470 tonnes of tires were recycled in Canada with 26,036 tonnes (5%) consumed as tire-derived fuel (TDF) and the remainder recycled into various products or shredded for other purposes. READ MORE

Winners of the 2020 Tire Stewardship Manitoba Giveaway

Grand Prize Winner
Bob Tombs, Winnipeg won a set of 4 new tires up to value of $1,500.00.

Second Prize Winners
The following two lucky winners won one of two bicycles maximum value $300
Erin McDougall, Brandon
Kevin Oleary, Winnipeg

Third Prize Winners
The following four lucky winners won one of four 12 Volt Programmable Air Compressor
Cory Shapiro, Winnipeg
Lisa Mazur, Fisher
John Guzej, Winnipeg
Alison hunt, Winnipeg

RUBBER MODIFIED ASPHALT (RMA) prepared for CATRA by Chahneet Sidhu of TSM

Have you ever wondered what happens to your old tires? Recycling agencies in each Canadian province and territory ensure tires are recycled safely and responsibly. In 2018, over 487,000 tonnes of Canada’s end-of-life tires (ELTs) were diverted from landfills and made into environmentally responsible products such as Rubber Modified Asphalt (RMA). READ MORE

Manitoba Recycled Tire Products

Recycled tires are processed and used in environmentally friendly ways. Tire derived products are high performance, durable, UV resistant and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Learn more about recycled tire products

Community Demonstration and Innovations Grant Program – Update May 6, 2020

TSM has reached our Community Demonstration and Innovations Grant Program allotted budget for 2020 and is no longer accepting applications for this year.
Submissions received after this date will be considered for 2021.

The Tire Stewardship Manitoba 2019 Annual Report

The Tire Stewardship Manitoba 2019 Annual Report is now available.

2019 Annual Report

TSM’s key achievement for 2019 was recycling 17,835 tonnes of discarded tires and tubes into tire-derived aggregate, crumb rubber, blast mats, moulded and other products. Virtually all discarded tires and tubes, 13 kilograms of material for every Manitoban, continue to be collected and recycled annually in the province for a diversion rate of 86%.

Other notable achievements for 2019 include:

  • Awarding three scholarships of $3,000 each to deserving students studying environmental sciences at a Manitoba university.
  • $111,671 awarded for 12 Community Demonstration and Innovation Grants that used recycled tire products made from recycled Manitoba tires in community and applied research projects.
  • Over 60 full-time tire recycling jobs and over $8 million in direct economic activity.
  • TSM’s Be Tire Smart Community Relations Team attended 12 community events that attracted over 139,200 people in 2019.

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CATRA statement regarding an article by The Canadian Press

CATRA issued a statement regarding an article by The Canadian Press which discussed the tire recycling industry. We proudly support Canada’s tire recycling industry, which recycles 450,000 tonnes of end-of-life tires annually for a diversion rate exceeding 100%!   READ MORE