Jetta-Round Tire Smart Campaign Tours Manitoba

The 2011 VW Jetta TDI sponsored by St. James Volkswagen with Be Tire Smart, Tire Stewardship Manitoba (TSM) and VW Logos is roaming across Manitoba. A recent Tire Inflation and Attitudinal Study conducted by The Rubber Association of Canada clearly showed Manitoba to really be a tough market and all the RAC was selling over the last 8 years is ideas! Measure your tire monthly, save fuel, increase tire service life, save money and save the environment. The RAC’s Mobile Project Template was developed three years ago and has passed its first two pilot programs and now is being used by Ontario Tire Stewardship and TSM.

Staff of the Jetta-Round Tire Smart Campaign will attend community events across the province and educate motorist on how to properly maintain their tires. A very fuel efficient and clean emissions vehicle’s help attract some attention to a Be Tire Smart display where Manitoba motorists will learn about how to prolong the life of their tires and save money at the pumps. Manitobans will also learn about tire recycling and what happens to their tires at the end of their useful life. Some samples of recycled tire products will be on display and event patrons will be asked a short survey for a chance to win a set of four tires for their vehicle generously donated by Sturgeon Tire a local tire retailer. TSM has a really good campaign to promote Be Tire Smart, tire recycling and general environmental awareness over the course of the summer.