Summer Student Research Studies

TSM provided two university students with a summer employment opportunity conducting a pair of important research studies. The Agricultural Scrap Tire Study was conducted to understand the life span of a typical rear agricultural drive tire. There were 949 OTR tire sidewalls that were documented at processors’ yards from which the tire code information obtained provided a significant sample size of 559 large rear agricultural tires.

The conclusion of the study was that the mean service life of an agricultural tire in Manitoba is 17.44 years. However, the end of a rear agricultural tire’s life is due predominantly to weathering and not decreased tread wear.

A Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) Study was also conducted to evaluate the potential use of TDF in Manitoba. Key findings were that there are currently no facilities with TDF permits in the province. Guidelines are used by provincial regulators in issuing licenses and monitoring air quality; and the provincial government is promoting biomass to replace fossil fuels.

There were two facilities that were potential candidates for TDF use in Manitoba. In the first candidate facility, TDF has 2.5 times the energy of the hog fuel currently being consumed and supplementing the current fuel with 1% TDF would redirect 1,300 tonnes or 10% of Manitoba’s annual scrap tire volume to energy recovery. In the second candidate facility, 15,000 tonnes of coal and 4,000 tonnes of coke are consumed annually. This candidate facility is willing to perform a trial using a high quality wire free TDF product.