Monthly Archive for April, 2008

Extending Tire Life

Recycling tires at their end-of-life is important but lengthening life so that fewer are used is essential. Tire manufacturers are making progress. Since 1981 the average tire life has gone up over 50 percent. Also, average tire rolling resistance has reduced by more than 25 percent, simply by making the tires lighter and stronger. Continue reading ‘Extending Tire Life’

Introduced Year Round Off-The-Road (OTR) Scrap Tire Collection

As TSM assumed responsibility for all OTR scrap tires, encouraging further processor investment and development for tire products derived from scrap OTR tires, over 2,100 tonnes of Manitoba’s scrap OTR tires that accumulated at landfills and dealer yards were collected and processed from January to December in 2009. This marks the first time that province-wide collection and processing of Manitoba’s scrap OTR tire inventory was conducted on a year-round basis.