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Manitobans to Pay Less for Recycling Tires

Winnipeg – Tire Stewardship Manitoba (TSM) announced today that the eco-fee for tire recycling charged on the sale of new passenger, light truck, motorcycle, ATV and, other small tires sold in Manitoba will be reduced from $4.00 to $3.75 effective April 1, 2015. Manitoba will have the lowest eco-fee rates in Western Canada for this tire category. The eco-fees for all other tires will remain unchanged.

“Reducing the eco-fee by 25 cents on new tires in these categories more accurately reflects province-wide collection and recycling costs,” states Brett Eckstein, TSM executive director.

The provincially mandated tire-recycling program operated by TSM continues to meet its financial targets while responsibly managing all tires that are available for recycling. Explains Eckstein, “Our sound approach has allowed us to generate sufficient revenue to cover the entire costs of the program, allowing our industry-appointed board to lower the rates.”

“TSM’s main goal is to provide Manitobans with a comprehensive, sustainable, effective, and efficient tire-recycling program. Lowering rates when conditions warrant is in keeping with the industry’s efforts to operate the tire-recycling program to the highest of standards,” says Eckstein.

About Tire Stewardship Manitoba TSM is a not-for-profit industry organization that charges an eco-fee on the sale of all new tires in Manitoba with a retail value equal to, or greater than $30.00. Manitoba tire retailers, as well as motor and equipment dealers, are required to remit the eco-fees to TSM on the sale of a new tire, ensuring that those who generate scrap tires can have their tires collected and recycled in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.

Learn more about TSM at

Contact: Brett Eckstein, (204) 661-3242,

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Winter Tire Campaign

Please view our media release here: Half of Drivers Outside Quebec Still Not on Winter Tires: Survey

CATRA: Tire Recycling in Canada – Video

Conquer the cold: Get a grip in all winter driving conditions

Winter tires offer a dramatic improvement in driver control and traction in all cold-weather road conditions when temperatures fall below 7°C.

RACTire makers are encouraging motorists to get the facts about winter tires and to carefully consider the safety and performance benefits that today’s high-tech winter tires offer in all cold-weather road conditions.

A trailblazing report from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) cites extensive research that shows that winter tires deliver superior traction, cornering and braking whether the cold-weather road surface is dry, snow covered, icy or slushy.

  • Better traction, shorter stopping distances
  • Winter tires save lives, reduce collisions
  • Proper tire inflation

Read the full TIRF press release (PDF)
Read the complete TIRF report

TSM has launched a new page for Schools

Welcome students and educators to TSM For Schools new page!

View the TSM for Schools Newsletter (PDF)

Cyclists Can Now Recycle Bike Tires and Tubes

Starting this summer, bicycle shops and cycling enthusiasts across Manitoba will now have a permanent way of recycling their old tires and tubes. Tire Stewardship Manitoba, the provincial organization responsible for scrap tire recycling, has expanded its scope of service to include bicycle tire collection under its rubber recycling infrastructure. The new plan will be free of charge and participating drop-off locations will be listed on Tire Stewardship Manitoba’s Find a Collection Depot web page.

“We’ve been accepting bicycle tire and tubes on a limited basis for a number years,” says Brett Eckstein, Executive Director, Tire Stewardship Manitoba. “Under the revised program, cyclists and stores will now have a permanent disposal option. We’re really excited to launch this program for the betterment of the environment and the general cycling community.” Continue reading ‘Cyclists Can Now Recycle Bike Tires and Tubes’


Key achievement for 2012 included:

  • recycling 12,875 tonnes of discarded tires and tubes into tire-derived aggregate, crumb rubber, blast mats, moulded and other products
  • an Eco-Fee reduction on the sale of new passenger/light truck category tires from $4.50 to $4.00
  • a new Manufacturing Incentive Program supporting recycled tire product manufacturing;
  • a new program video to raise public awareness and promote the program to Manitobans;
  • an expanded year-round Be Tire Smart community education and awareness campaign;
  • 14 Community Demonstration Grant Projects that used recycled tire products made from recycled Manitoba tires in community projects, and
  • 3 Tire Recycling Innovations Grant projects to develop rubber devulcanization technology, study Manitoba’s tire derived fuel (TDF) market and initiate a tire shred gasification project.

For more information please take a look at the 2012 Annual Report (PDF).

TSM Sponsors Bike to School

Bike to School Day 2013Bike to School is run by a volunteer committee of cycling enthusiasts, with support from The W.R.E.N.C.H., Green Action Centre, Manitoba Public Insurance, The North West Company & Giant Tiger, Tire Stewardship Manitoba and Canadian Automobile Association.

2013 is the pilot year, and will see six schools participating in May. More than 1000 students ages Kindergarten to Grade 11 will learn about cycling by taking part in activities ranging from cycling demonstrations, route finding, bike polo, bike obstacle courses, group rides and mechanics training. Most events will be held at the school, although Maples Collegiate will be running their Bike to School programme at Assiniboine Park. Bike to School has also assisted in providing bike cages, bike racks, helmets and locks at some participating schools, and offered training for teachers through MPI’s Cycling Champion Course. Organizers hope to have more schools participate in the future, with the goal of inspiring cycling education and programming in schools year-round.

May 15- Maples Collegiate
May 27- Hugh John MacDonald
May 28-Wolseley School
May 29-Valley Gardens Middle School
May 30-Niji Mahkwa
May 31-Elmwood High School

Bicycle Tire Recycling Program Proposal

TSM is recycling bicycle tires! Please review the TSM Bicycle Tire Recycling Program Proposal and respond to TSM by Friday, May 10th 2013 with your comments.

TSM Bicycle Tire Recycling Program Proposal (April 2013) (PDF)

Letter to Bike Shops re: Bicycle Tire Recycling Program Proposal (PDF)
Letter to New Tire Dealers re: Bicycle Tire Recycling Program Proposal (PDF)

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