• Tire Stewardship Manitoba Booth

    Visit the Tire Stewardship Manitoba booth at these upcoming events, and do our survey to win $2,000 worth of tires. Draw will be held October 1, 2015.

    May 26 – Assiniboine Zoo – Winnipeg
    June 5-7 – Hi, Neighbour Festival – Transcona
    June 11 – St. Andrews 2015 Open House – St. Andrews
    June 12-13 – Niverville Fair – Niverville
    June 14 – St. Vital Canadian Tire parking lot – Winnipeg
    June 15 – Richardson Building, University of Winnipeg – Winnipeg
    June 16 – KIK Picnic – Winnipeg
    June 19 – 21 – Nickel Days – Thompson
    June 22 – Cross Lake
    June 27 – Summer Fair – MacGregor
    June 28 – 3rd Annual “Show in the Park” Car Show – Carmen
    July 1 – Assiniboine Downs – Winnipeg
    July 17 – 19 – Boardwalk Days – Winnipeg Beach
    July 24 – 26 – Sunflower Festival – Altona
    August 1 – 3 – Icelandic Festival – Gimli
    August 8 – Potato Festival – Portage la Prairie
    August 21 – 23 – Corn and Apple Festival – Morden

  • Eco-Fee Reduction Reminder

    A message from the Tire Stewardship Manitoba.

  • Manitobans to Pay Less for Recycling Tires

    Winnipeg – Tire Stewardship Manitoba (TSM) announced today that the eco-fee for tire recycling charged on the sale of new passenger, light truck, motorcycle, ATV and, other small tires sold in Manitoba will be reduced from $4.00 to $3.75 effective April 1, 2015. Manitoba will have the lowest eco-fee rates in Western Canada for this tire category. The eco-fees for all other tires will remain unchanged.

    “Reducing the eco-fee by 25 cents on new tires in these categories more accurately reflects province-wide collection and recycling costs,” states Brett Eckstein, TSM executive director.

    The provincially mandated tire-recycling program operated by TSM continues to meet its financial targets while responsibly managing all tires that are available for recycling. Explains Eckstein, “Our sound approach has allowed us to generate sufficient revenue to cover the entire costs of the program, allowing our industry-appointed board to lower the rates.”

    “TSM’s main goal is to provide Manitobans with a comprehensive, sustainable, effective, and efficient tire-recycling program. Lowering rates when conditions warrant is in keeping with the industry’s efforts to operate the tire-recycling program to the highest of standards,” says Eckstein.

    About Tire Stewardship Manitoba TSM is a not-for-profit industry organization that charges an eco-fee on the sale of all new tires in Manitoba with a retail value equal to, or greater than $30.00. Manitoba tire retailers, as well as motor and equipment dealers, are required to remit the eco-fees to TSM on the sale of a new tire, ensuring that those who generate scrap tires can have their tires collected and recycled in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.

    Learn more about TSM at

    Contact: Brett Eckstein, (204) 661-3242,

    Download the full Press Release